We’ve got a very exciting offer for our awesome customers this quarter. Starting October 1st  until December 31st, purchase a set of four Goodyear® tires installed at any of our five locations and you’ll get d up to a $150 prepaid Mastercard® gift card from Goodyear®. If that isn’t exciting enough, when you have a set of Goodyear® tires installed with us, you receive free tire rotations for the life of the tires. That can be another saving of up $550 during the life of the tires!

If you’re in need of a set of new tires, check out these tires from the Goodyear® lineup. For whatever you drive or whatever conditions you drive in, Goodyear’s got the tires you need.

Tires currently offered under the Goodyear Rebate:








Goodyear Assurance® WeatherReady®


Rebate up to $150

Tread Life: 60,000 miles

Our best all-weather traction, for Mother Nature’s worst. Now you can feel confident with superior performance in even the harshest weather conditions.
With an asymmetric tread pattern and sweeping traction grooves to evacuate water and deliver excellent wet traction.
As the tire wears, Evolving Traction® Grooves transition from deep grooves to wide grooves to help displace water on the road.







Goodyear Eagle® Exhilarate™

All-Season, Sport Performance

Rebate up to $150

Tread Life: 545,000 miles

For those who view every drive as a chance to perform at their peak.

Accelerate Your Drive: ActiveGrip Technology offers exceptional handling and traction.

Attack Every Curve: ActiveStrength Technology™ helps provide confident handling on the road with a strong, lightweight construction.

Track Your Treads: Wear Gauge™ tool makes it easier to see your remaining tread and vehicle alignment.

Rule the Road: ActiveBraking Technology™ provides enhanced braking.

Upgrade Your Style: Sleek Sidewall styling with enhanced rim protectors guard your wheels from curb damage.








Goodyear Eagle® F1 Asymmetric All-Season

All-Season, Sport Performance

Rebate up to $150

Tread Life: 45,000 miles

Our best tire for ultra high performance driving with superior responsiveness and expert handling in all-season – dry, wet and snow.

Steering Responsiveness: Proven asymmetric tire tread for precise, race-inspired handling on wet or dry roads.

Cornering Stability: Dry handling zone puts more rubber on the road for superb dry traction and handling.

Ultra Wet Traction: TredLock technology – microgrooves help provide biting edges for commanding wet traction and grip in turns.

All-Season Performance: Dual-zone, asymmetric tread pattern helps shed water and slush for enhanced wet grip and all-season performance.







Goodyear Wrangler® All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar®

All-Season, All-Terrain

Rebate up to $150

Tread Life: 60,000 miles

DuPont™ Kevlar®: Rugged strength provided by a layer of DuPont™ Kevlar®.

Off-Road Traction: Versatile off-road traction in wet, muddy conditions as a result of its open tread pattern.

Toughness: The LT sizes include two layers of Kevlar, 30% more steel for enhanced toughness and a Severe Snow Conditions Symbol for winter weather driving.

Durawall™ Technology: The Durawall™ Technology helps to prevent cuts in the sidewall.

All-Season Traction: Superb traction in the snow and rain thanks to its tread compound and biting edges that help grip the road








Goodyear Assurance® ComforTread® Touring


Rebate up to $100

Tread Life: 70,000 miles

Our best tire for a smooth ride with refined handling plus confident traction in changing weather conditions. It offers 20% more cushion and outperforms the leading competitor in ride comfort.

Comfortable Ride: A special comfort layer in the tread helps provide, on average 20% more cushion than standard passenger tires.

Ultra-Wet Traction: An asymmetric tread helps provide refined handling and confident wet traction.

Refined Handling: ComfortEdge sidewalls help provide a versatile balance of comfort and handling.

Wet Traction: Wide circumferential grooves help evacuate water away from the tread for enhanced traction on wet roads.







Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac®

All-Season, Winter, All-Terrain

Rebate up to $100

Tread Life: 50,000 miles

A workhorse tire for rugged off-road terrain – including snow – that still offer a quieter ride on paved roads. The bold aggressive tread design is great for work truck towing and hauling.

Enhanced Traction: TractiveGroove Technology™ offers enhanced traction in deep mud and snow.

Quiet Ride: Highly angled center tread blocks enhanced traction and lateral stability while reducing road noise.

Enhanced Winter Traction: LT sizes pinned for #16 metal studs for enhanced traction in winter driving conditions.

Off-Road Traction: Self-cleaning shoulder blocks clear the tread of debris for enhanced dirt, gravel and mud traction.

Rim Protection: Rim protector helps protect wheels from accidental curb damage.







Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT™

All-Season All-Terrain

Rebate up to $100

Tread Life: 65,000

A strong, quiet tire offering the reliability that busy lives demand with confident traction for changing conditions and a long tread life.

Fuel Efficiency: Enhanced fuel efficiency provided by an innovative, lower rolling resistance tread compound.

Quiet Ride: The optimized tread pattern helps provide a quiet ride on the highway.

Stylish Appearance: The sidewall design and tread pattern projects a rugged appearance.

All-Season Traction: Wide circumferential grooves and full-depth sides help provide all-season traction and confident grip on wet, dry and snowy roads.

Long-Lasting Tread: An enhanced tread design helps provide long tread life.







Goodyear Assurance® All-Season


Rebate up to $50

Tread Life: 65,000 miles

A practical tire for confident all-season traction in wet, dry and snowy conditions, with long treadwear.

All-Season: Multiple biting edges offer great all-season traction in wet, dry and snowy conditions.

Quiet Ride: The optimized tread pattern reduces road noise for a quieter ride.

Wet Traction: Wide tread grooves help evacuate water and slush for enhanced wet traction.

Refined Handling: Large stable shoulder blocks provide confident dry and wet handling.








Goodyear Assurance® MaxLife™


Rebate up to $50

Tread Life: 85,000 miles

Extend your journey. Go up to 30% farther with Goodyear’s longest-lasting tire.

All-Season Reliability: The TreadLife ™ Technology delivers all-season reliability and maximum wear performance.

Easy Tread-Depth Readings: Built-in wear gauges provide convenient and easy tread-depth readings.

Long-Term Savings: Greater tread life limited warranty leads to long-term savings.