AstroStart Remote Car Starters

AstroStart® remote vehicle starters are easy to use and are engineered to provide years of reliable trouble free service.

AstroStart® RSS-2514XR

Key Features:

  • Up to 2,000 feet of range
  • Two, 1-way button remotes
  • $329 – AstroStart and installation*

AstroStart® RSS-2524

Key Features:

  • Up to 2,000 feet of range
  • One 2-way button remote & one 1-way button remote
  • $389 – AstroStart and installation*

AstroStart® RSS-5225

Key Features:

  • Up to 1 mile of range
  • One 2-way LCD remote, one 1-way button remote
  • 2-way remote is rechargeable
  • $469 – AstroStart and installation*

Additional Costs:*


  • $85 Bypass Module
    • Some modern vehicles need to have a bypass module installed along with the AstroStart. This additional part will override your vehicle’s security system and allow the AstroStart to function.
  • $150 Push-to-start vehicles
    • Push-to-start vehicles require additional time and wiring to install, therefor $150 will be added to vehicles with this feature.
  • $279 SmartStart Installed
    • SmartStart gives you the capability to program your smart phone to start your vehicle using AstroStart. NOTE: Must have an Astro model listed above installed
  • $69.49 Annual Fee for SmartStart plan
    • There are upgradable options available
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